About Us

Our Story

Abyssos-Cine is a newborn film production company and rental facility located in Athens, Greece specialising in underwater filming.

Our love and passion for cinema and the sea has lead us in the creation of this new establishment following our multi year experience in film production.
The location and nautical culture of our country made the idea of a dedicated underwater film production company even more appealing, so we decided to take a dive in deep water (always with our scuba gear on!).

Dive in our world!

Our values

Creativity. Passion.
Responsibility. Dependability.

Super Efficient

Always planning ahead, preparing and delivering on time.

Deeply Committed

Will never abort a project before achieving the maximum result.

Highly Skilled

Keeping up with advanced technology and constantly improving.

Christos Douros

Underwater Operator/Director of Photography/Cinematographer

Louizos Aslanidis

Dry Technician/Director/

Panos Athanasopoulos

Safety diver/
Maritime Archaeologist